Whether it’s a small change for big impact or new home construction on a blank slate, our 3D landscape design service renders drawings that accurately depict how your new landscape installation will look. We can even create night and holiday lighting displays too for your landscape contractors to install!

a 3d landscape design

Start with Your Space

We create a 3D drawing from either a photograph of your home or a CAD design. The flat 2D designs are then elevated into a stunning 3D look. By making a 3D image, we are able to look at the designs from different angles, even for example, what you might see looking out your own front window!

3d design with photorealistic plants

Photorealistic Plants

The plants that are used in the design were created using photographs of actual plants, not computer-generated models. This gives the project the most authentic realism possible and we can even add pavers, edging and other hardscape materials as well as water features. Every detail of the design is captured to ensure the best result, which is one with no surprises!

3d landscape design out of season

Any Time or Size

For new construction, we can create the entire design from a blank slate and with renovations we are able to cover up existing plantings for a realistic rendering of your dream landscape design in Dallas, TX. We can also start working on your design any time of year!

splendid gardens 3d landscape design

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Because you can visually confirm the landscape design, your landscape company can have end to end satisfaction guaranteed. This way, you know we designed what you wanted. And, we know exactly what to build. This cuts down on mistakes, reworks, and scheduling issues, which ultimately cuts down on cost. A savings we pass along to you.

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Landscape 3D Designs Before & After

a 3d landscape design3d design with photorealistic plants
3d landscape design out of seasonActual Landscaping
3D DesignActual Landscaping
3D DesignActual Landscaping