A beautiful landscape surrounding your home can greatly improve your daily life as well as your property’s value. It’s well worth the time and investment required to complete the work and maintain it. However, there’s always the issue of money.

Your landscaping project won’t come cheap. These projects can take weeks to complete, and there are always cost factors to consider.

How much will a landscaping project take to finish? What’s the average cost of landscaping? And is an outdoor living space worth spending money on?

Here are six things to know about your landscaping costs before you get started.

1. Average Landscaping Costs

The costs of landscaping will vary depending on what exactly you want for your property. You will spend anywhere from $1,300 to $5,600, but the national average is about $3,400.

Of course, anyone who hires for a landscaping job has some kind of vision in mind. Some of the top landscaping and gardening trends of 2022 include kitchen gardens, drought tolerance, and environmentally friendly options.

More people are making use of recycled products for their gardens or yard. You can install a walled garden with reclaimed wood or even buy fences out of recycled plastic. One of the main benefits of using recycled products is that they’re more affordable than brand new materials.

Another popular trend is using metals in your yard. Metal furniture is weather-resistant and can be adorned with cushions. You can also make use of metal with your structures and planters.

The problem with metal furnishings is that they’re generally more expensive, so keep that in mind when you’re planning out your project.

2. The Difference Between Landscaping and Hardscaping

It’s important to know the difference between a landscaping and a hardscaping project. While most premium landscaping companies offer a little bit of both, there are also some that only specialize in one or the other.

Landscape, otherwise known as softscape, refers to the living elements in your yard. That includes your trees, shrubs, flowers, and grass. You hire a landscaper to make your yard look beautiful by focusing on the parts that grow and thrive.

Hardscaping refers to man-made structures in your yard constructed out of non-living objects. A hardscape would install various things such as driveways, patios, walkways, and sculptures.

Generally speaking, hardscaping is much easier to maintain for a homeowner. Maintaining your landscape may require a specialist who has the right tools and chemicals to keep everything healthy.

3. Patio Costs

Patios serve a number of purposes for homeowners. They’re great for gatherings and create an outdoor living space attached to our house. A patio always greatly improves the value of your property.

How much time and money it takes to install a patio depends on the company you hire, what you want, and whether or not you DIY it.

DIY patio will take you about four days or a total working time of eight to twelve hours. The estimated cost on average is between $500 and $1,200. You can expect it to cost more if you purchase more expensive furnishings or decorations.

However, a DIY project won’t look nearly as nice as a professional job unless you have experience with hardscaping. A professionally installed patio will cost you around $3,900 on average, but it’ll be worth it.

4. Common Landscape Installation Services

Landscaping encompasses a lot of different services, ranging from the overall design to installing entire ponds.

Common services include but are not limited to:

  • Mulching
  • Planting flower beds
  • Planting trees and bushes
  • Adding a sprinkler system
  • Fencing in your yard
  • Installing a fire pit
  • Pathways
  • Outdoor kitchens

Landscape design is essential if you’re doing a lot of work on your property. Your landscape pro might create the design or you could hire a separate landscape architect. The design alone will cost you over $2,000.

Land grading involves re-sloping your landscape. You might do this to eliminate any weird hills or to allow certain structures.

If you’re trying to prevent certain parts of your yard from moving during a downpour, you should get retaining walls installed. Some of your material options include bricks, poured concrete, and cinder blocks.

5. Factors That Affect Costs

Some factors that can affect how much your landscaping job costs include the amount of time it takes, the features you’re installing, and the materials you desire.

For example, the upfront cost of paving stones is about ten percent more than poured concrete. If you want to install pathways, it’ll run about the same amount as that of a patio per square foot.

One way to save money is through xeriscaping landscaping projects. This design technique uses drought-resistant plants with certain materials to create a low-maintenance yard.

Native plant species will need very little watering compared to foreign ones. Furthermore, plants should be grouped together based on how much water they need.

6. Cost of Maintenance

Of course, there’s always the cost to maintain your amazing yard after the landscaping is complete. Much of this cost depends on how much greenery you have to manage and how easily you can maintain your furnishings and decorations.

The average homeowner will spend about $100 to $200 every month on maintenance. Expect to pay more if you have a much larger lawn and a lot of foliage.

Some companies will charge you only $50 to mow a small lawn. Larger spaces will cost up to two or three times as much.

Bush trimming costs about $50 to $75 per hour. Pest control will range depending on what type of product you apply.

A gardener can handle most of your greenery, but they often charge about $100 every visit. If you have them come by once a week, that’ll easily add up to $400 a month.

Create Your Perfect Landscape

Many people focus on making the interior of their home look nice and comforting but fail to address the problems outside of their house. A well-planned out and maintained lawn can do a lot for your property. You shouldn’t let the landscaping costs scare you off.

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