Thank goodness spring is finally here! The trees are re-leaved and I’m so excited I wet my plants! Are you a fellow green thumb looking to landscape your garden for the spring and summer months, but don’t know the latest landscaping trends?

Maybe this is your first time creating a backyard oasis and you don’t know where to begin. No matter your skill level in landscaping, we are sure you will find these 7 landscaping and gardening trends to be a great start!

Kitchen Gardens

As a result of the pandemic, more and more people are wanting to plant their kitchen gardens, otherwise known as victory or vegetable gardens. This could mean a windowsill garden with jars of green onions and herbs, to a full vegetable garden complete with all the summertime essentials.

The biggest tip for a kitchen garden is to start small with just a few of each plant type. If your space is limited then get creative and try growing vertically. If you have a baby green thumb, then consider using raised bed or planters to start your kitchen garden.

You could even try to section off your garden if space allows. Make a cute entryway or arch that leads to it. The options are endless with kitchen gardens but look into companion planting so your garden thrives.

This is a great thing for the whole family to be involved in as it has great lessons for kids and cuts your carbon footprint! No matter the size of your kitchen garden we are sure that being able to enjoy what you have grown will make the effort well worth it.

Drought Tolerance or Drought Resistance

98.8 million people in the US have been affected by drought in just this week alone. Xeriscaping is in for 2022!

Picking drought-tolerant plants are a great option for those in a drier climate. Drought-tolerant plants require minimal care and can thrive as well as be beautiful. Be careful of the plant you pick, drought-tolerant plants need little water whereas drought-resistant plants can thrive without any water.

Some great drought-tolerant plants to consider are thyme, lamb’s ear, woolly yarrow, slipper plants, or lavender. These plants need very little water to thrive. Some good drought-resistant plants are zebra grass, purple coneflower, bitterroot, and ice plants.

The biggest things to consider before implementing this hot tip are sun exposure, geographic location, soil type, and native plants.

Thinking of Others

Climate change has hurt environments for animal habitats. When you design your new garden with that in mind then you are creating space to invite beautiful butterflies, small animals, birds, and insects to visit.

If you are looking to save the bees then this trend might be perfect for you. Planting flowers and plants that will help bring bees and other pollinators will create a wonderful bee-friendly addition to your lawn.

Consider planting things like chives, helenium, aster, monarda, or black-eyed susans. These plants are known to bring bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Another idea for our small furry friends is to create a “loose” garden. Loose gardens look natural and might not be as manicured as one might prefer. This is inviting for wildlife.

If you want to install a water feature then do so to support the wildlife. That could be a birdbath or an in-ground feature, either way, it will support our furry neighbors.

Trees and shrubs are good additions as well. These can provide a home or safety from predators.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Another landscape tip is to use recycled products for your garden or yard. Try installing a walled garden with reclaimed wood, repurposing bricks for edging, or even recycling barrels for collecting rainwater to run into a water feature.

When it comes to reclaimed or recycled products the options are endless. This is a great way to get those creative juices flowing and create the garden of your dreams!

Bring the Tropics to You

The pandemic has caused a lack of travel and people have been trying to turn their backyards into a personal paradise. Deep jewel tones and bright acidic colors are in for 2022. Reds, oranges, berry colors, magentas, lime, and deep blues/purples are the colors to grab.

These colors can be found in flowers like freesias, allium, dahlias, hibiscus, and birds of paradise. Try incorporating a mix of foliage among your flowers for a fun and creative variation.

landscaping and gardening trends

Inside Out or Outside In

Bridging the gap between indoors and outdoors is up and coming for 2022 as another result of the pandemic. With people staying at home for so long the lines were blurred between indoor and outdoor spaces.

By blurring these lines health and happiness have been found more and a stronger connection made with nature. Try to create a patio space that is accessible, cozy, and works for a variety of things.

When creating your outdoor oasis, think about incorporating things like comfy seating or sofas, televisions, Bluetooth speakers, outside kitchen, and pergolas. These options will be having everyone want to come over to relax and be out of their home.

If you want privacy, think about taller shrubs, hedges, and trees. By planting them strategically you can create a private space just for you or your loved ones. Putting a fireplace in this area can make for a warm and cozy space as well.

Landscaping and Gardening Trends with Metals

When people think about outdoor furniture they usually think about things that will be weatherproof and aesthetically pleasing. Currently, there is a huge trend with metal furniture.

With metal furniture, you have the option of adding or changing cushions without having to replace everything. This is one of the appeals.

The metal doesn’t stop with furniture, metal structures, planters, pannels, and more are being seen as additions to some of the best gardens around.

Remember Good “Chives” Only

Before you go to grab your spade, and gardening gloves and head out the door remember with these 7 landscaping and gardening trends, you are sure to have your yard ready for entertaining or enjoying your personal oasis in no time! If you want more lawn care, landscaping, or gardening tips check us out here.

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