The best time to plant a tree in Dallas is zone dependent and for the Dallas area, that’s the winter season. While this may not be intuitive, it is backed not only by local Industry experts but also Texas A&M University. Why you ask? Because trees or any plant can get established well before the heat of the following summer and there’s the added benefit of new plantings requiring less water and oversight in the winter months.

Second to winter, late fall is another great time to plant if you want to enjoy vibrant fall colors in your new trees and plants. You want to select a landscaper that has good sources for trees (How will you know? Ask them!) and trust that they will find you great selections for your landscape enhancements.

best time to plant a tree in Dallas

Splendid Gardens was helpful replanting many trees after the 2019 Tornado that destroyed and uprooted a significant area of trees across Dallas. Given the opportunity to suggest trees for a new planting, or replanting, we often go with red fall color to add interest to the landscape.

Small, specimen and understory trees are a big part of what Splendid installs each week. We plant trees year-round with great success. Japanese Maples are a very hardy choice for shade gardens and display brilliant color in the fall.

Contact us to help plan, design and install your trees, shrubs and gardens. Splendid Gardens provides professional landscape services to Dallas and surrounding cities in North Texas. We take great pride in delivering customized services to each client. Our experienced teams provide a variety of services including landscape design, installation, scheduled maintenance services, custom flagstone and redesign of existing landscapes.  We actively give back to the community by volunteering our services to local projects in need.

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