Your front door is the central focal point of the house, the first architectural feature a guest sees and passersby notice. Front door plantings can make that memorable first impression and set the tone for what visitors can expect to see in your backyard. Is your front door saying what you want it to? One of the quickest, and easiest, ways to improve the curb appeal of your home is to spiff up your front door entryway. Read on for ideas and things to keep in mind to ensure a successful project.


Your front door has a definite proportion to your home.  It might be a double door, single door with sidelights, all-glass, made of wood or metal, painted or stained.  Many considerations go into planning landscaping to showcase this central focal point of your home and to fulfill its potential.

Complementing is the goal, not taking away from your entry. Things to consider are; how much space do you have?  Do you have a porch?  Columns?  A step?  Does your sidewalk lead directly to your door in a straight line or does it curve and undulate through your front yard?  Once you determine your planting space, or space for pots, you can begin to choose what would best enhance the space.


A common mistake is to plant too close to an entryway because as the plants grow, they can block the entryway.  Choose a smaller or dwarf version of plants that will not overwhelm the space. You need to think ahead, maybe 5 years or 10 years from now, to imagine how the area will look with mature plantings.  Can the plant be trimmed properly or will its full size still be appropriate?  And think about flowering shrubs.  Will this color complement your entry?  You want a choice that will service you well for many years.

Container Plantings

Container pots are an excellent choice for a doorway or entryway area. They can be added beside doors or on porches or in the surrounding landscaping itself.  Choose one, two, or a grouping of pots depending on the available space.  An advantage of pots is that you can plant to retain foliage all year with complimentary seasonal color through annuals. This offers many different looks during the year and can be easily changed out especially around holidays.

Front Door Plantings

However you decide to frame your front door, landscaping adds that finishing touch! Splendid Gardens provides professional landscape services to Dallas and surrounding cities in North Texas. We take great pride in delivering customized services to each client and can help you to enhance your home’s front door; from pot and plant selection to delivery, installation and ongoing maintenance, we do it all. Our experienced teams provide a variety of services including landscape design, installation, scheduled maintenance services, custom flagstone and redesign of existing landscapes.  We actively give back to the community by volunteering our services to local projects in need.

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