We love our dogs and they can pose challenges with backyard landscapes, that is why we can help with our dog friendly landscape tips. Whether it’s Preston Hollow, Las Colinas, or the Park Cities, one of the most frequent requests we receive is for landscape design and plantings that can stand up to the wear tear of our four-legged friends. With the right planning and design elements, both large and small dogs can live in harmony with your landscape.

Eliminate Muddy Areas

Establish grass in all sunny areas that are not beds. While establishing grass, do this at a convenient time to be able to take extra walks or utilize the front yard. Keep the dogs from running on newly established lawns for the first 2-3 weeks. As a large dog owner, we realize this can be a challenge so you’ll need to supervise to minimize the running and turning which can damage newly planted sod.

Splendid Gardens Laying New Sod

Provide a Path Along the Fence Line or Well-Traveled Route

Don’t try to change their existing route, they are creatures of habit. Install flagstone, small river rock, or Tejas crushed granite (click here to learn of all possible stone options) in this path to help stand up to the traffic.

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