Are you looking for hearty grass? Grass that will stand up to the temperamental North Texas climate? Texas summers are hot and unforgiving so your grass needs to be resistant to heat and drought. Zoysia is known for its particular talent for doing just that.

It is a genus of grass that bounces back from a variety of challenges. St Augustine used to be the shade grass of choice, but that has changed as of late. Zoysia doesn’t have the laundry list of problems that St. Augustine commonly develops.

Zoysia is a “warm-season grass” which simply means that the plant’s active growth starts in late spring and peaks in hot summer weather, i.e. the warm season, making it a great choice for the north with the added benefit of having fewer problems with pests and diseases like many other grasses.

The Joys of Zoysia Grass

Some of the key features of Zoysia grass are:

  • As a warm climate grass, it’s perfect for our hot Dallas summers
  • Performs well in both sun and shade
  • Heat AND drought tolerant
  • Has lower water requirements
  • Low maintenance
  • Has a lush, dense look and feel
  • Is traffic tolerant

Zoysia Grass Requirements

When first planting grass you will need to water heavily to well establish its roots. If the roots don’t grow, then your grass will die. Once rooted, the Zoysia can do with a bit less water than other grasses due to it being drought tolerant. We prefer to plant sod for Zoysia as it’s an effective way to quickly establish healthy grass. It is always best to water early in the morning so the level of evaporation is low. Once the winter frost hits, Zoysia will stop growing and stay dormant through winter.

Another great benefit of Zoysia is that it requires less fertilizer than many other grasses. Over-fertilizing grass can cause problems, so it is best to turn to your landscaping professional for this task. If you over- fertilize it will encourage the grass to develop a dense layer of decomposing roots and stems (also known as thatch). This creates a barrier between the soil and the open air that isn’t healthy.

Lawn Thatch

Is Emerald or Palisades Right for You?

We have two favorite varieties of Zoysia that we love to plant: Emerald and Palisades. Emerald has a fine blade and resembles a lush Tif 419 Bermuda lawn and Palisades has a thicker blade and resembles a “dwarf” St. Augustine. The difference is mainly cosmetic and we recommend both highly as they are proven performers here in north Texas. It’s important to note that Zoysia, like every other shade grass, still needs at least eight hours of sun a day to survive. To ensure the success of your investment, we recommend you consult with a landscape professional to ensure that your lawn would be a good candidate for Zoysia grass.


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