Installing landscaping is not the same as planting some new flowers. A true landscaping installation team will understand how to maximize your space and respect the needs of the plants. In doing so, the install ensures the longevity of the plant life and the ease of maintenance for the owner.

Landscape Installation Process

Custom Stone Designs
Custom Stone Designs

1. Create a Landscape Design

Before we ever lift a shovel, we must create a landscaping design. This design will be the blueprint for the installation, ensuring the correct materials and plants are selected and installed.

long lasting natural stone
long lasting natural stone

2. Order Materials & Plants

Once we have a design in hand and approval to proceed, we begin the process of collecting the materials needed. By allowing our expert team to order and coordinate for you, you get a better price and trustworthy products.

unique stone walkways
unique stone walkways

3. Install Landscaping

With materials in hand, we make our way to your site. Installations can be tricky, as we don’t want to ruin any existing plants or mess up city utilities. We order a Texas 811 utility marking to ensure the installation is perfect.

creative stone design
creative stone design

4. Develop a Care Plan

Finally, with your landscaping installed, we assist in creating a care plan. Your plant-life and hardscape has maintenance needs, just like any other structure. We make sure you know what you need to do to keep your landscaping looking sharp.

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Landscape Installation Gallery

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