Texans are no stranger to freeze damage. This year luck was not on our side and there was widespread damage throughout the Dallas area and the surrounding states. For many, this has meant that landscapes are riddled with dead foliage. This can make reviving your yard critical but also unseemly.

Trust the removal and replacement of freeze-damaged plants to a professional landscaper.

Now is a good time to contact a landscaper as spring was too early to determine the full extent of the freeze damage. We’ve seen many plants come back and are now thriving. If by now something has not yet started to produce new growth, then we can remove and replace it secure in the knowledge that it was a required investment.

Removal of established, but dead, plantings is tough work. This is where we at Splendid Gardens can come in to save the day; let us do the heavy lifting for you. We will clean out all those pesky dead plants and shrubs, haul it all away for you to be recycled, and restore nature’s lush beauty back to your yard. Pictured below is one of our recent restorations of a landscape that was hit by the North Texas deep freeze earlier this year.

Freeze damaged front yard revival in progress

Job finished this Dallas home is now looking better than ever

reviving your yard

Renovating your landscape after freeze damage is a good opportunity to enhance curb appeal

How to better weather future deep freezes in North Texas

One easy thing you can do to protect your landscape investment is to select plantings appropriate for your zone and that are known to be “freeze hardy”. We’ve written another post on the topic to help you out with those selections and as always, we’re available to consult and design something not only beautiful but also sturdy that can stand up to a Dallas winter.

Splendid Gardens provides professional landscape services to Dallas and surrounding cities in North Texas. We take great pride in delivering customized services to each client. We are still helping local clients revive and renovate after the deep freeze and would love to help you as well. Our experienced teams provide a variety of services including landscape design, installation, scheduled maintenance services, custom flagstone, and redesign of existing landscapes. We actively give back to the community by volunteering our services to local projects in need.

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